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Modern Seder Plate

A Modern Take on A Seder Plate

A modern take on the Seder plate: Passover Board with Sweet & Smoky Deviled Eggs

Click on the image to view the Recipe from CBC: Lisa Dawn Boltons spread.

Passover is a meaningful occasion that takes place in mid-spring, which is a perfect time to prepare a bountiful board. This holiday is rooted in the Jewish faith to celebrate a time that has great significance in the Hebrew Bible when the Israelites were freed from slavery. One tip to making this meal happen is to ask your guests if they are kosher to ensure you are respecting their religious views while making this modern Seder Plate. We at Plume Ridge Bottle Shop hope you enjoy this beautiful traditional holiday with the following wines:

Je T'aime Cremant de Limoux Sparkling Brut will go well with the deviled eggs. Turnbull Wine Cellars Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc will be great with the salmon and various vegetable spread.  Felino Mendoza Malbec is light and fruity enough for everyone to enjoy.  


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