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5 Wine Tips on Buying Wine as a Gift Other Than from Chain Stores

5 Wine Tips on Buying Wine as a Gift Other Than from Chain Stores

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Buying wine as a gift without going to a chain store can add a personal touch and show that you've put thought into the selection. Here are some tips for buying wine as a gift from alternative sources:

Wine Subscriptions: Joining a wine club or subscription can be a convenient way to discover new wines on a regular basis. Some clubs specialize in specific regions or varietals, while others offer curated selections based on your preferences.  If you don’t join the club, you should be able to buy a selection just as a one-time purchase for that special person.

Local Events: Keep an eye out for local wine tasting events, or wine dinners hosted by restaurants or wine retailers in your area. Or even a charity event in your area that might have a raffle for a basket with wine in it.   As most chain stores don’t participate in these types of events,

Online Retailers: Many online retailers specialize in wine and offer a wide range of options that may not be available in chain stores.  They should also be able to send it directly to the person(s) the wine is intended.   Be sure to check the shipping regulations in your area and consider the weather when ordering online.

Wine Blogs: This is another way to discover something that is new or unique to the market.  However, you’ll need to search out that wine and look for a source to make the purchase, sometimes blogs don’t always provide that information.

Wineries Direct: A final way to purchase a unique bottle of wine is directly from the winery, providing they offer DTC (direct to consumer).  You might pay a higher price, but the romance of buying the wine from the source makes it special for the recipient.  Also, some wineries have what are called “library” wines and are usually not available in the general market.

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