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Five Fast Facts: Malbec

Five Fast Facts: Malbec


Learn the basics of Malbec with these simple five easy facts. Great way to gain your wine knowledge and expand beyond the bottle. Check out some of our Malbec here.

  1. Malbec is a deep purple wine made from black grapes, also called Auxerrois, Côt, or Black Wine. The varietal is primarily grown in Cahors, France (its origin), and in the Mendoza region of Argentina.


  1. Appreciated since Roman times, Malbec has had a history of boom and bust. A victim of its own popularity, Malbec was grown as a monoculture, and thus susceptible to phylloxera and a host of negative environmental events. The grape varietal was introduced to Argentina in the 1850s and the affordable Argentinian version exploded into world popularity in the 1990s.


  1. Argentina leads the world in Malbec production with 43,000 hectares, compared to 15,000 hectares in its native France. The French version is more structured and tannic with hints of plum, damson and raisin. The South American version has riper fruitier notes and with a more plush texture.


  1. Malbec is one of the 5 grape varieties used in Bordeaux blends along with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot.

1. The Black Wine of Cahors was made famous in the 12th Century by Eleanor of Acquitaine—the only woman in history to have been both Queen of France and Queen of England. She was from the Bordeaux region and served the wine in her court; thus making it popular in both France and England.


Patty Lyn TwetenPatty Lyn Tweten is a writer, graphic designer and vineyard owner. She is also a devoted fan of rosés having helped her husband make their own with the sagniée method.  Instagram Linkedin

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