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Buyer’s Guide to Spanish Wines

Buyer’s Guide to Spanish Wines

Spanish Wines Buyer's Guide
Spain for years has been the go-to for wines of value and quality. Stylistically, old world, but some have familiar characteristics such as red wines aged in American oak. This can give a notable vanilla aroma and flavor that might be recognizable, similar to a hand full of California wines.

Spain is known for its diverse wine regions, each offering unique grape varieties and wine styles. While popularity can vary over time and depending on different factors, here are six of Spain's most popular wine regions, listed in no specific order:

1. Rioja: Rioja is one of Spain's most famous wine regions, known for its high-quality red wines made primarily from Tempranillo grapes. It's divided into three sub regions: Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa, and Rioja Oriental (formerly Rioja Baja).

2. Ribera del Duero: Located along the Duero River, this region produces exceptional red wines, primarily from the Tempranillo grape variety, locally known as Tinto Fino or Tinta del País.

3. Catalonia (including Priorat and Penedes): Catalonia is a diverse region with a range of wine styles. Priorat is known for its powerful red wines, while Penedes is famous for Cava, Spain's sparkling wine.

4. Jerez (Sherry): The Jerez region in Andalusia is renowned for producing Sherry wines, which include a variety of styles, such as Fino, Amontillado, and Pedro Ximénez. Sherry is known for its unique aging process and flavors.

5. Castilla-La Mancha (including La Mancha and Valdepenas): This is the largest wine-producing region in Spain, known for its affordable and approachable wines. La Mancha is the birthplace of Don Quixote and is known for its reds and whites, while Valdepenas specializes in red wines.

6. Galicia (including Rias Baixas and Ribeira Sacra): Galicia, in the northwest of Spain, is famous for its white wines made from the Alberino grape variety in Rias Baixas. Ribeira Sacra, in the same region, is gaining popularity for its red wines made from indigenous grape varieties.

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