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Wine Prices and How We Try to Find Value at Just About Every Price Point.

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Wine Prices and How We Try to Find Value at Every Price Point
Some of our customers may not be aware of our prices on classified Bordeaux. As we are very competitive and have some of the lowest prices in the country for this segment of the market.

Our owner has fostered strong and enduring relationships with Bordeaux Chateaux over 40 years. These connections have been cultivated through annual barrel tastings (En Primeur), regular visits to the region, participation in industry events, and a commitment to mutual trust and collaboration. As a result, we have gained access to exceptional Bordeaux wines and insider knowledge, ensuring that our customers receive the finest vintages and quality at the best possible prices.

Our Wine Buyer, Monica Yu, tasting wines

When it comes to buying wines outside Bordeaux, our approach prioritizes value over price points. We believe that the true worth of a bottle lies in its quality, uniqueness, and how well it complements the occasion or meal. Plume Ridge Bottle Shop prefers to explore a diverse range of wines, considering factors such as the winery’s reputation, region, variety, and growing practices.

While price can be a factor, it's not the sole determinant of a wine's value, as there are hidden gems at various price levels that offer exceptional enjoyment and satisfaction. Ultimately, our focus is on finding wines that provide an excellent price-to-quality ratio, ensuring that each bottle we select delivers a memorable and rewarding drinking experience.

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