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Will AI take over how we buy wine?

Will AI take over on how consumer’s buy wine?

Will AI take over on how consumers buy wine?  Maybe. 

However, as that technology scours the internet to find the right wine suggestions, it is missing one very important dynamic… AI hasn’t tasted anything!  Because it can’t.  As we all know, there is a lot of information about wine that anyone can find.  But is it factual?  Or is it an embellished description of a wine that a big corporate entity creatively posted on their website or other online media?  Does that make if factual?  Again, maybe.  Ask an AI app… what wine has some unique personality?  …crickets or short circuits. 

We hope that the future of wine isn’t impacted too much by AI.  Though a controversial topic, I’m sure it will have some influence, and that the industry uses it in a responsible way.   Again…” hopefully”.

Wine is a living thing (a quote from the movie Sideways), even if it’s in a bottle. Recommendations are best shared by a real human being, not a score in a magazine or AI generated suggestions.

This is written by our Sommelier, Blake Leland

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