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Are You Hypnotized by Wine Brands?

Are You Hypnotized by Wine Brands?

 Wine on shelf

This is something I’d ask a customer that came in looking for a brand name that you probably could get at any big retailer. Now of course, this was a lighthearted way to get their undivided attention. Then I might ask… why are you looking for that brand?

More and likely they would share some details to help me understand why they asked for that specific wine. And this is when I’d like to share some facts about the mentioned brand. Usually nothing negative, but real, and not to say national brands don’t have some good wines.

Plume Ridge also showcases some branded wines, and they do have their place in the market. However, they really can’t compare to family-owned or boutique type wineries when it comes to price versus quality. I’ll emphasize there are exceptions. But that’s my little secret.

A customer that is stuck on a brand probably feels safe buying it over and over. Or maybe until they get bored with that profile or style. Another might say it was recommended by a friend. So, my reply to those examples would be something along these lines… “I have two wines that have similar flavors and characteristics and the prices for both is less than the brand you mentioned”. Usually, this gets a surprised look, and they’ll ask for more details.

As always, I’m glad to see some consumers respond this way, and are at least willing to try something they’ve haven’t had. Of course, there are those that still must have their favorite brandand remain hypnotized.

Feel free to email me for my list if brands that are small production and excellent bang for the buck selections.


This is written by our Sommelier, Blake Leland

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