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Single's Guide to Valentines Day

Single's Guide to Valentines Day

Each year we write about how to celebrate Valentines Day with your special person with food and wine pairing ideas. Well this year, we decided to propose something a little nontraditional and write to the single gal/guy or people who don't have a special person at the moment. Single people like together and celebrate with their non-single and single friends. Instead of romantic themes of fancy feast and wines, we are taking a new approach to the pairing.Have a little celebration with nontraditional Valentine's Day food and wines to go with them.

For example, pizza would be the easiest food to get your hands on. You can also be gourmet and make your own pizza by purchasing pizza dough from Trader Joe and add your own custom toppings such as mozzarella, kale, egg, and basil. Our favorite pizza wine include Sangiovese and Pinot Noir.Add a touch of class and cut up some baguette to make easy crostini with our olive tapenade recipe and sprinkles of goat cheese. Pair that with a glass of Provence Rose and you will be carried away to the French Riviera.

Another excellent and easy appetizer is the Prosciutto Wrapped Grissini that will make any man and/or woman water at their mouth. We suggest pairing this salty and savory combination with some sparkling cremant. No romantic sparks here, only a great food and wine combination that leaves your mouth begging for more prosciutto.

Make your own cheese appetizer tray complete of funky selections from you local cheese monger. Our favorite is the Honey Nut with Roquefort Cheese from Papillon region of France. Add a sprig of rosemary and local raw honey to this dish and you won't need to call anyone honey tonight. Best paired with a medium bodied white wine such as Chateau Beaupre Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc.Mac and Cheese is the ultimate single's food. It is comfort food made in single servings.

We suggest using truffle oil and mushrooms to add to the creaminess of the dish. Pair the Mac and Cheese with a Grenache based wine that is ripe and juicy, good for pairing with this soft and creamy dish. Last but not least, try vanilla ice cream paired with a dark and rich Port. No need to get too fancy, just scoop some good quality vanilla ice cream add a few pieces of dark chocolate (preferably ones with pits of nuts inside) and pour a small glass of Port on the side for sipping.

Contributed by Monica Yu , Assistant Wine Buyer for Plume Ridge Bottle Shop

and  Katrina Coulourides, our Art Director and Graphic Designer

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