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Francesco Borgogno Langhe Nebbiolo 2020

Francesco Borgogno Langhe Nebbiolo 2020

  • 1799

In a location eloquently symbolic of Barolo, right at the interface between Barolo’s historic Cannubi hill and La Morra’s Brunate, born our winery founded in the early 1930s that is the classic family-run wine estate.

We make wine produced exclusively from grapes coming from our own vineyards that lie in one of the best positions of La Morra: “cru” Brunate.

Our family has used its experience towards obtaining high quality wines while respecting tradition and environment fully.

Our work has always been based on few and simple production rules, keeping all the traditional passages that render our wines genuine and unchanged.

Langhe Nebbiolo is a wine made from the same grapes used to obtain Barolo and the vineyard is also the same.  However, it goes through a different wine-making process. It is certainly a lighter wine than Barolo but just as delicate, elegant and suitable for aging. Work in the Nebbiolo vineyards starts in the winter with the pruning of the vines and goes on with allegation, cleaning and cutting of the branches and ending with harvesting during the month of October.


Delicate and fruity, dry although dense, recalling fruits such as raspberries. Aging 6/7 years, it becomes velvety and soft.  Pairs with lamb, venison and grilled poultry. 14.5% Alc


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