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Domaine de La Meuliere Chablis 2020

Domaine de La Meuliere Chablis 2020

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 A family heritage since 1779, i.e. 9 generations, the Domaine de la Meulière is today run by the brothers Nicolas and Vincent LAROCHE.

Located in FLEYS, a village located 4 km from Chablis in the direction of Tonnerre, the property extends over 25 hectares. The geology there is characterized by clay-limestone soils of the Kimmeridgian type. The alchemy of this terroir with the Chardonnay grape gives the wines minerality, power, floral and fruity aromas.

The 34 plots which, like a puzzle, make up the farm, half have been inherited from our ancestors. They are spread over the communes of Béru, Chablis, Chichée, Fontenay and Fleys (right bank of the Serein entirely). The average age of the vines is 32 years.

All are harvested manually in order to guarantee the absence of trituration, to avoid oxidation of the musts and to practice rigorous sorting.

The domain is certified in High Environmental Value level 3 and adheres to the national confederation of Independent Winegrowers. This guarantees you that:

  • Each stage of production is carried out by us: cultivation, harvesting, vinification, bottling and marketing.
  • We practice reasoned, sustainable viticulture through the development of agro-ecology (soil biodiversity) by preserving existing resources, mitigating the impact of climate change, seeking alternative solutions and adapting our knowledge of soil science, biology soil, plant physiology and ecology. Our challenge: to adapt and reinvent ourselves. We take into account our plot as a whole, we use natural regulation mechanisms to limit yields, practice plowing, agroforestry, set up permanent cover, use certain biological control products, only intervene in if the tolerance thresholds are exceeded,


The style of their wines is very typical to the terrior of Chablis, with expressions of white flowers, and a classic flinty minerals. Very fresh, balanced and elegant with lingering acidity. Harvested from 25yo vines. This is a more modern styled 100 % Chardonnay. A phenominal value!

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