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Dumenil Millesime 2008 Champagne

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Aged in the cellar for 7 years, Dumenil's vintaged wines are only produced during the best years where the grapes show exceptional quality and the wine displays aging potential. 2008 was a special vintage as Chardonnay was picked first, which was quite unusual, but it meant the fruit was ripe and well advanced. Resulting in incredibly rich and concentrated acidity.  The dominance of Chardonnay in this blend gives the wine long aging ability. Everything is produced from the best Premier Cru vineyards of Chigny-les-Roses.
The small commune of Chigny-les-Roses sites on the slopes north of Montagne de Reims and just a few miles south of the Reims. Champagne Dumenil was founded in 1874 by Mr. Elie and Cecile Dumenil. The family tradition has been passed on to the great-granddaughters of the founders, Mrs. Frédérique Poret-Rebeyrolle with her husband Mr. Hugues Poret. Both coming from winemaking families, Hugues is in charge of the vineyards and Frédérique is assisted by her mother with marketing and winemaking process. Dumenil Champagne is made with grapes coming from vines that belong to the family, 8 hectares totaling 45 parcels in only Premier Cru terroir: Chigny-les-Roses, Rilly-la-Montagne and Ludes.
The entire vineyard is manage according to the implementation of environment-friendly vine growing techniques called Sustainable Viticulture, which aim to limit interventions and to use natural products in order to no longer treat systematically in a preventive way but by taking into account sensibilities of the vines to disease.
Hand harvested on hillsides with selective and strict pruning. Only the cuvees (1st pressing) are selected. Full malolactic fermentation is completed for roundness and smoothness. Disgorgement is done 4-6 months prior to shipment and given a dosage of wine and cane sugar.
A note about vintage Champagne: While all Non-Vintage Champagne are made from multiple harvest, Vintage Champagne are only made with grapes from that specific year. Representing less than 5% of total Champagne production and only produced 3-4 times per decade depending on the year.  This wine is the highest expression of each house, generally more complex and with bolder characters than the Non-Vintage. Look for more secondary or tertiary notes versus youthful, fresh fruit.  Well known branded Vintage Champagne such as Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame can fetch for over $100, making our Dumenil Millesime 2008 a fantastic value for the high quality.
60% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Noir, 20% Pinot Meunier.

Wine Notes

Golden color with elegant and persistent bubbles. Beautiful aromas of quince, bruised pear, golden apples and dried apricot. There are flavors of fresh white peach, pear, notes of dried apricot. On the palate there are rich notes of ripe Meyer lemon, toasted hazelnut, brioche and a distinct mineral quality followed by a long finish. Pair with oyster, squid pasta, veal, cod, mushroom based dishes and aged cheese.

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